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Insurance Symposium



 Time:                  Room:                                Topic:

 8:15-8:45           Center Atrium                   Registration

 8:45-9:00           Center Atrium                   Opening Remarks

 9:00-10:30         North Lounge                    Code Requirement Repairs

                            Center Lounge                  Ups & Downs of Collapse Coverage

                            South Lounge                   Complex Property Liability Claims

 10:35-12:05       North Lounge                    ABCs Professional Liability Insurance

                            Center Lounge                  Large Loss Subrogation

                            South Lounge                   Property Law Update

 12:05-1:00         Center Atrium                    Lunch

 1:00-2:30             North Lounge                   Auditing a Water Mitigation File

                              Center Lounge                 Evolving Role of the Adjuster

                              South Lounge                  Keeping Pace with Technology

 2:40-4:10             North Lounge                   Asbestos and Demolition

                              Center Lounge                 Designing &Tracking Your Customer Experience

                              South Lounge                  Cyber Risk Solutions

 4:10-4:30             Center Atrium                   Closing Remarks/Raffle

 4:30-6:30             Center Atrium                   Cocktail Reception


2017 Course Titles

Click Here For A 2017 Insurance Symposium Breakout Session Descriptions

The A, B, C’s of Professional Liability Involving Insurance for Independent Adjusters, Public Adjusters and Agents/Brokers
Presented by William Ferranti, Brian Sullivan and Lydia Knight

Innovation: Insurance Keeping Pace with Technology
Presented by Brett Corson and Brendan Labbe

Cyber Risk Solutions: Knowing the Exposures and Insuring Against Them
Presented by Michelle Lapilato

Code Requirement Repairs: Establishing the Scope at the Onset of the Claim, Code Coverage Law and Holdback Issues
Presented by William Schneider, John Certuse and John Hanlan

Asbestos and Demolition & Other Pollution Claims
Presented by Matthew Rush, Steve Bouzan, Rick Perini and William Wade

The Ups and Downs of Collapse Coverage
Presented by Michael Famiglietti, Chris Reilly and Philip Newbury, Jr.

Large Loss Subrogation
Presented by William Lamb, Anthony Antonellis, Richard Splaine and John Certuse

The Evolving Role of the Adjuster
Presented by Kristi Sinkus, Kevin Moon and Michael Famiglietti

Property Law Update: Fair Claims Handling and Avoiding Bad Faith/Extra Contractual Claims
Presented by Laura Gregory and Richard Beaudette

Straight from the Headlines: Complex Property Liability Claims
Presented by John Donovan and Sarah Huber

Auditing a Water Mitigation File
Presented by Daniel Bernazzani and Justin Kapisak

Designing & Tracking Your Customer Experience
Presented by Kelly Donahue-Piro

Event Information

Wednesday – August 2, 2017

East Putnam Club
Gillette Stadium
8:00am – 7:00pm