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Thursday, February 7



ARS Restoration Specialists would like to wish you a safe and warm weekend upon the arrival of Winter Storm Nemo.


Tips Before the Storm:

*Fuel up on gasoline*

*Take cash out of the ATM*

*Have extra batteries and candles on hand*

*Bring in any and all outdoor furniture*

*Make a trip to the grocery store*

*Charge all electronic devices*


 In the event that you have an emergency and need our services, our crews will be available only after the bulk of the storm has passed. As always, safety first. We will have phone coverage during storm hours. Once the roads are safe to travel, we will be ready, willing and able.


One Phone Call Covers All of New England    

If for any reason, you are unable to get through, please contact our branches directly:

Newton, MA

Stan Piltch, Branch Manager: 774.217.2443


Cape Cod, MA

Peter Barton, Branch Manager: 508.737.5622


Worcester, MA

Tim Lee, Branch Manager: 508.635.7179


Springfield, MA  

Heath Coxall, Branch Manager: 413.355.0563


Pawtucket, RI

Dave Dansereau, Branch Manager: 339.221.3435


North Haven, CT

Todd D’Elia, Branch Manager: 203.819.2609


Hudson, NH

Jeff Rain, Branch Manager: 617.593.3821 


Additional Contacts:
Rich Piltch, President: 617.592.4029
Jay Freitas, Director of Operations: 617.899.7635
Steve Sorkin, Vice President of Sales & Marketing: 401.744.8032