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At ARS, we have a long-standing tradition of supporting causes that benefit others. Over the years we’ve provided financial support to help in the fight against breast cancer. With the help of our employees, vendors, clients, and friends, our fundraisers have raised over $600,000 for breast cancer support services. These fundraisers started out small. But over time we’ve grown the number of our events to include casino nights, sports pools, and even golf tournaments.

In fact, our annual golf tournament is coming soon! On August 14th, ARS’s 7th Annual Golf Tournament benefitting the Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Foundation will take place at the Malborough Country Club in Marlborough, Massachusetts.

Want to involve your organization in charitable giving but not sure how to start? Since it’s the time of year when much strategic planning takes place, make a place to give back to the community in your organization’s plan. It’s always the right time to do the right thing, and even some small first steps can help begin your organization’s charitable giving journey today!

Click here to learn more about ARS’s 7th Annual Golf Tournament to benefit the Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Foundation.