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getlstd-property-photoRecently, The Crown Plaza Hotel located in the greater Boston area, had a water main break. That water main then flooded the mechanical room of the hotel, and that is exactly as bad as it sounds. And this wasn’t an inch or two of water. The mechanical room was 5 feet under! When the ARS team arrived on scene, the hotel had already provided the 150 guests with blankets, hats, gloves, and bottled water. Luckily, the hotel also had a great disaster plan, and were able to evacuate the guests to other hotels in the area within 2 hours of the emergency. But with the evacuation of the guests, came the presence of emergency services, including fire fighters, police officers, and local news stations.

After all the excitement, it was time to get to work. ARS was able to pump out the water in the mechanical room and dry the effected area properly to get the hotel back up and running within three days! This downtime created tremendous work interruption, but with the coordinated efforts of hotel staff and ARS experts, a far worse fate was definitely avoided.