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ARS & the Education Industry

ARS has been serving the education industry since 1987. We work with colleges, universities and private schools to help maintain their facilities. With students of all ages and a variety of equipment in classrooms and dorms, there can be a significant risk when disaster strikes. Whether it’s a small sewage backup, a flood caused by a pipe break in the dorms, mold removal, fire or a catastrophic event that requires large amounts of equipment and expertly trained people, ARS has been there. We’re committed to being your #1 emergency restoration resource in MA, NH, CT, and RI. We’ll keep your campus running and your students happy.

Need assistance with emergency campus situations? Call ARS at 1-888-498-8356.


  • Project Managers are all licensed builders.
  • Large Loss Managers have degrees in both Civil & Structural Engineering.
  • We have 5,000 pieces of drying equipment immediately available, with several thousand more available in less than 24 hours.
  • Experience: Our average Field Technician has been an ARS employee for 15+ years.
  • Our employees are Cori checked and drug checked for peace of mind working in a student environment
  • Flexibility: we’ve worked in office buildings, parking garages, strip malls, police stations, firehouses, and hospitals, to name a few.
  • full reconstruction capabilities after a loss for a timely and seamless total restoration.
  • ARS is a founding member and driving force in Restoration Affiliates- the premier national restoration organization committed to offering the insurance industry a better alternative to the dated “national franchise system”. Click here to read more about RA!

Just want to forward a note of thanks on this particular water damage incident for 2 reasons. 1) the Provost himself is a very senior level administrator and his office operation is highly critical, and 2) yesterday was our 2nd anniversary of our house disaster, and I found this email an ironic reminder of how time flies and makes you forget tough incidents!!!!!

Hope you are well and business is good in the restoration business. We here at NU were pretty happy that Xmas break was nice, warm weather and that this incident happened while we were all back on campus! They were very complimentary re: your team’s efforts.

Nancy May

Vice President for Facilities, Northeastern University

They have been fantastic. For me it is the fact that they come right away when we call. Owning 27 commercial kitchens, there is always an emergency. ARS is always professional. They always get the job done quicker than my expectations. They also provide very detailed paperwork, so if there is an insurance claim involved, it makes that go seamlessly. The quality of the work is amazing, when they are finished you can’t even tell you had a problem in the first place. When they are done it is perfect. I walk in and can’t believe they turned things around and how quickly it comes out. They are absolutely fabulous to work with. I find them to be so professional. They are right there when we need them and they get the job done well. I wish all my contractors were like that.

Bob Leandro

Directore of Facilities at Dining Services, Harvard University

Now that our mold mitigation project has been completed, I wanted to write a short note to express our appreciation for both the quality of the work done by ARS and for the way in which you dealt with our need for the challenging combination of speed and thoroughness.

As you will recall, this major project that we anticipated tackling sometime in the future became urgent when my wife was diagnosed with a major illness. She was hospitalized abruptly and remained in the hospital for just about a month. We knew early-on that she would be unable to return home until our house was free of mold and mildew, and that she could not be here during any portion of the work. I called you with this outrageous demand, in the middle of the holiday season, understanding that I might well be told that this was just impossible. Instead, what you said was, ‘We will just have to get it done.’

You helped us get the environmental inspection done, you organized and supervised the subcontractors, you guided our choices about the renovation phase, and you rode the schedule as if it was a member of your own family you were protecting.Your staff was great, and the subcontractors were excellent. Crews arrived on-time, and stayed until the work was done. They worked weekends to meet the deadlines and everyone did a terrific job. Your own people and the subcontractors unfailingly asked how my wife was doing and I am not sure I have words to describe how that made us feel as we were struggling with the stress of a life-threatening illness and a major construction job simultaneously.

We are delighted with the results of our renovation and I am very confident that there is not mold spore to be found in our house. My wife is recovering well at home and enjoying her clean and freshly renovated environment. I would not wish anything like this experience on anyone but, if such a thing were to happen to someone I know, I would tell them, ‘Don’t worry, just call ARS’.

Take care, and best wishes for the summer.

Robert A. Witzburg, M.D.

Associated Dean & Directore of Admissions, Boston University School of Medicine

I was extremely impressed with the time ARS Restoration Specialists said they would arrive. I was impressed with the amount of equipment and the installation team that ARS Restoration Specialists sent out. I was impressed with their professionalism and effort to complete the job. Even with the area and the amount of work that had to be done, I was in awe at the rate in which the job was completed. I would call ARS Restoration Specialists back in a heartbeat with any future jobs.

John D

Wellesley College