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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes ARS different than other companies in the same industry?

We are privately owned and happen to be the largest independently owned restoration company in New England with our 7 offices. “One Stop Shopping” with our reconstruction arm that we do in-house. Educational Trainings-we believe in education and train over 2,500 clients annually.

When we call ARS in the middle of the night, how long should we expect until someone calls us back?

There is no answering machine at ARS. 24/7/365 you will be speaking to a live voice. When you call us at 3am, the person you speak with will gather some basic information and connect you to one of our on-call project managers.

Does ARS service only the Massachusetts area?

No, ARS and its affiliated partners provide service in many East Coast states. See our coverage map on our Contact Us page.

During storm time what happens if your phone lines are busy?

We give all existing clients our “Emergency Cards” that list 15 cell phone numbers of ARS professionals. We encourage you to call our cell phones if you are unable tor each us at 1-888-498-8356.

What is your response time?

Our goal is to respond within 90-120 minutes; however, there may be occasions when that is not possible. When you call, we’ll ask what time you would like us to arrive and will do our best to get there.

Does ARS complete the reconstruction of the job after the emergency work is complete?

Yes, ARS is a “full-service” emergency restoration/reconstruction company. We strive to restore your property back to its pre-loss condition. Our teams are trained to handle a wide range of restoration tasks. Additionally, we work with a number of skilled, insured subcontractors to work with our teams in the completion of some tasks.

Do you handle mold as well?

Yes, we offer full-service remediation & cleaning of mold. Our response teams will assess the situation, establish the moisture levels, identify the extent of mold damage and put together a plan of action for remediation.

How do you tell if there is mold in the air after you clean it?

We typically recommend calling an industrial hygienist to test the areas and can recommend one if necessary.

Do you run trainings on all insurance topics and property management topics or just the ones that ARS employees are able to teach?

We have a large roster of trainers to choose from. While most of the topics are taught by ARS professionals, we utilize this roster for interesting topics that we do not have expertise in. To date, there has never been a requested topic that we could not teach and we take pride in that.