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Everyone knows when the sun stays out longer that calls for evening campfires, long summer nights, fireworks, sparklers, citronella candles and BBQ’s. With all of these fun summer activities, there is a higher risk of fire hazards. Summer can be a dangerous time of year. The warm weather increases people to make bad decisions often time with the influence of adult beverages. Fortunately for you, us folks here at ARS Restoration Specialists like to ensure you are having fun while being safe. So here are some basic summer safety tips and regulations for you to follow.

Campfire Safety:

You can’t have s’mores without a campfire, well maybe you can, but you don’t get the same authentic experience of roasting your marshmallow to the perfect golden brown color over a roaring campfire. Or scorching the entire marshmallow in the flames and letting it turn black if that’s your cup of tea. However, it is important to follow these guidelines about making campfires.

  1. Make sure you check the local rules and regulations before starting a campfire
  2. Know to stop, drop and roll if an article of clothing would catch on fire
  3. Before starting your campfire make sure to check your surroundings, do not build a campfire near any dry leaves or grassy areas or under overhanging tree branches
  4. Before building your campfire make sure to clear away surrounding areas
  5. Do not store any flammable liquid, gasoline or lighter fluid near the campfireMen and women sitting around a campfire at night in the woods
  6. Keep your fire away from your tent, wherever you set up your campfire make sure it is downwind from the tent
  7. Do not get to confident and build up a massive campfire even though it may seem impressive, smaller fires are much safer and easier to control
  8. Never leave your fire unattended, if it is the end of the night and time for everyone to go to sleep make sure you take the time to put it out
  9. Be prepared, never light a fire without knowing you will have some means of putting it out near by
  10. Be educated when it comes to extinguishing a fire, douse it with water and use a shovel to bury the fire with ash and dirt, then douse the surrounding area with more water

If the weather is nice then you like to be outside, that’s a fact so when you are enjoying your backyard BBQ’s be smart. There are some people that use their grills all year round; to those of you who are this type of griller I applaud you. You aren’t conforming to society which thinks grilling is only a summer activity. Be a man and get out there in the snow and grill. That grill taste is worth it. However, if you are a summer griller be safe to keep your house, friends, family and loved ones safe!

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Grilling Safety

  1. When taking food out of the freezer make sure you are not cross contaminating platters you use with raw food and cooked food products
  2. Do not wear loose fitting clothes when grilling for fear they will catch on the flame
  3. Only grill outdoors in areas that are well ventilated
  4. Never pour squirt lighter fluid directly onto a lit grill, a flashback could occur and cause serious burns
  5. If the flame on your grill gets to large, cut the amount of oxygen it is getting by covering it, never throw water on a grill
  6. Thoroughly clean your grill and all of your grilling utensils when you are finished using themHamburgers on a grill with flames coming up
  7. When using a gas grill make sure to check the connection between the fuel line and the propane tank
  8. After using the grill make sure to turn off the propane tank, righty tightly lefty loosely. Forgetting to turn off the tank can cause an explosion with an excessive amount of gas in the air and the use of a match of lighter
  9. If you are using a charcoal grill make sure to let the coals cool completely before disposing of them. The best method is to cover them with water and mix to ensure all the coals are extinguished

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