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A change in season is in the air! Don’t let your property fall behind in maintenance. By following these protocols, you can ensure your property is in tip-top shape — and avoid damage the change in weather might bring (and even a visit by ARS crews!).
Look for loose tree limbs or dead trees and remove any potential hazards that are found. Check your irrigation system to prevent risk of winter damage and inspect catch basins, manholes and storm pipes for deterioration or blockage.
Fall is a great time to inspect your roof. This process can be straight forward and benefit your property in the end by preventing deterioration. Check for loose shingles, cracks in ceiling tiles and other openings. Seal any imperfections you find as this will prevent leaks causing greater damage during severe weather.
The gutters on your property are responsible for keeping water away and directing it to the downspout, where it soaks into the ground. Blocked gutters cause the water to overflow and build up next to the foundation or leak into cracks of windows and result in serious water damage.
Before turning on heaters make sure they are functioning properly. Replace the filter(s) and clean out any built-up dust or debris. This will allow for more heat flow and avoid unnecessary and costly repairs.
Interior and exterior lighting should be replaced and inspected for safety and security reasons. Clean bulbs also reduce energy consumption, keeping overall electrical costs down. Be sure all outside lights are glowing at night. This is especially important for safety reasons as well.
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