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k2743966In the middle of February, a Boston area university was caught in the middle of a very cold ice storm: Winter Storm Olympia. As usual, the weather did not take mercy, and the university succumbed to severe pipe breakage.  And as usual, ARS responded quickly!

An ARS team arrived to find that two of the classroom buildings on campus had pipes break on the 5th floor, which meant anything below (classrooms and offices) would be affected. This was clearly not a job for one team, so backup had to be called in.

Unsurprisingly, more manpower arrived to help get the buildings back up and running. This meant ARS team members coming in to work, even though they weren’t on call that morning, as well as an additional restoration company to come and pitch in. To top it all off, these reinforcements even had to leave to retrieve more equipment, since what we arrived with was still not enough to take care of the large losses!

The most amazing part of it all, even with the large amount of water and destruction, the job was done within 3 days. This made for another quick turnaround int he ARS books.