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In our personal and professional lives, one thing is constant — change. 

And let's face it, change can be tough. We'd all like the world to sit still for a while, but that's not going to happen. So we're left to figure out the best ways to adapt quickly.

Here are some tips for integrating change, both personally and for your organization:

* First, be clear why you're making the change.

* When planning change, determine your desired results.

* Figure out how to measure success, and keep checking on how you're doing.

* Outline how you can manage change over time. In doing so, consider others' perspectives and how changes will affect them.

* Take your time. When change is rushed, it usually fails.

* Know your stuff. Colleagues or family members will ask you a lot of questions, so don't move forward until you can answer them.

* When changing your organization, develop a script for managers to use while implementing the change so everyone gets the same message.

* At work, make clear that all management personnel must publicly support the change.

* If you make a mistake, don't worry. Admit it and change course if needed.

* Reinforce the change as necessary.

For executives or business owners, well-executed decisions made on these lines can lower turnover, smooth employee relations, increase productivity, and strengthen your business. At home, they'll help you sleep better and maybe even save money.

Make your next change initiative a success through planning, communication, measurement and reinforcement.