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Mold isn't just for bread. 
When moisture is present, mold can grow on almost any organic surface, like wood, paper, carpet, drywall, or insulation. Left unchecked, mold can ruin surfaces and make you sick. Mold is especially harmful to people who suffer from chronic conditions like allergies or asthma.
Preventing mold is a daily, top-to-bottom, inside-out project. To protect your home, start by looking at areas where heat and moisture can be trapped. That means maintain your gutters and HVAC systems, keep insulation tight, and ensure that water drains away from your property. 
Additionally, keep these tips in mind:
When leaks or spills occur, dry the affected area quickly.
Mold usually won't grow in places that are dried within 24-48 hours.
Watch your indoor air conditioner.
Make sure drip pans are clean and drain lines flow properly.
Keep indoor humidity low.
If possible, keep indoor humidity below 60 percent relative humidity — if possible, between 30 and 50 percent. Relative humidity can be measured with a humidity meter, available at most hardware stores.
Is there condensation on your windows or pipes?
Remember to dry surfaces quickly. If pipes continually ‘sweat,’ insulate them.
Vent moisture-producing appliances.
Always vent moisture-producing appliances outside. As the weather cools down, remember that small combustion appliances like kerosene heaters produce moisture, and you should open windows accordingly.
If your bathroom has a fan, use it.
Disperse that steam!
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