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ARS Helps Museums Serve the Public

Whether hosting a group of students on a field trip, a family on a weekend outing, or those interested in experiencing science, history or experiential learning, museums are a popular destination point in many communities.  As such, we are proud to provide emergency cleanup and restoration services to the museum industry.

Whether it’s a small sewage backup, a pipe break on an upper floor, broken windows, damaged roofs or a catastrophic event that requires large amounts of equipment and expertly trained people, ARS will be there. During the course of our 25+ year history, we have provided service to a number of museum and other cultural faciltiies.  Our goal is to resolve your situation quickly so you can keep your business running and your customers learning.

In need of emergency services at your MA, RI, NH or RI museum, call the experts at ARS Restoration Specialists at 1-888-438-8356.


  • Project Managers are all licensed builders.
  • Large Loss Managers have degrees in both Civil & Structural Engineering.
  • We have 5,000 pieces of drying equipment immediately available, with several thousand more available in less than 24 hours.
  • Experience: Our average Field Technician has been an ARS employee for 15+ years.
  • Flexibility: we’ve worked in museums, cultural centers, office buildings, parking garages, strip malls, police stations, firehouses, and hospitals, to name a few.
  • ARS is a founding member and driving force in Restoration Affiliates- the premier national restoration organization committed to offering the insurance industry a better alternative to the dated “national franchise system”. Click here to read more about RA!