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When your home or business has been damaged by a disaster, professional restorers help your life return to normal. We want that to happen as soon as possible, so let us explain what we do, how we do it, and what to expect in the days ahead.    

Restoration is the process of restoring a damaged object to its previous condition, or better. Insurance companies may bankroll restoration, but professional restoration firms actually bring damaged homes, businesses, and personal property back to life.  Professional restorers save millions of dollars in insurance costs every year, and their repair estimates are the basis for settling an untold numbers of claims. A professional restoration is a vital part of the insurance process.

However, the relationship between a professional restorer and his/her client can be complicated. An insurance adjuster is caught in the middle, and unfortunately the adjuster’s role is not quantified in the policy or by industry standards. The restorer is required to contract with the property owners and be responsible to them for the performance of the work, despite the fact that specifications and price may have been determined by an insurance adjuster.

Members of the Restoration Industry Association (RIA) provide impartial advice on the scope of disaster repairs. RIA members adhere to a comprehensive code of ethics and are backed by institutional expertise and laboratory resources. Call on an RIA member to bring your property back to life.