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Contents Cleaning and Restoration Services

Professional Cleaning & Deodorizing


ARS Restoration Services offers contents cleaning and deodorizing for damage due to smoke, soot, odor, mold damage, hoarding and more in New England.  We also have a team available for biohazard cleanup for crime and other biohazard situations.  We are headquartered in the Boston suburbs and help customers in MA, RI, CT, and NH:

  • Prevent corrosion from soot
  • Prevent mold from water damage
  • Dry contents such as paper, furniture, carpeting and even electronics
  • Eliminates odor retention in a large variety of surfaces including rugs, cabinetry and furniture
  • Ensure proper disposal of contaminated goods
  • Minimize further damage

If you have a big cleanup job, don’t worry about handling it on your own.  Our team would be happy to help you out with contents cleaning.  Call for a quote from our team of specialists today!