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Fire Damage Restoration


Fire Damage Restoration, Clean Up, and Repair New England


A fire is always a traumatic experience. ARS provides expert fire damage restoration, clean up, and repair to MA, RI, CT, and NH residents, responding 24/7 after a fire emergency. In the event of a whole house fire or just a small kitchen or garage fire, our professional, caring staff will take care of all the fire damage clean up and fire restoration details. ARS coordinates with local Fire Department officials to start work as soon as the fire is out.

What to expect once the fire is out:

First, the staff at ARS secures the building—boarding up walls and sealing the roof, if needed. The security of your belongings is our top priority. Next, we remove all of the mess and take care of complete debris removal. Special equipment helps to chemically remove the smoke odor from your structure. We don’t cover the smell; we remove it.  Any contents that have been damaged by soot and smoke, but remain salvageable, are transferred to our climate controlled facility.  We’ll dry clean your clothes, the furniture, and even your carpets. We can dry documents, restore your photos, and clean your electronics. And of course, we work with your insurance company to coordinate your claim, and help you get your life back on track. Our fire damage reconstruction experts work quickly to restore the property to pre-fire condition. So if you need fire damage clean up, repair, and or restoration in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, or Connecticut call ARS!

Just need a board up to secure your property until your insurance company can arrive on the scene? Our 1-800-BOARD-UP division can help you out.

Looking for Full-Service Fire Damage Restoration and Clean-Up?


My family and I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for us since the fire at our home. Since it happened on Thanksgiving night, we basically thought we would be stuck with a burnt dining room table, black ceilings, a mess of soot and no answers until Monday morning. On a whim, I called your office hoping and praying for the possibility of speaking with someone who could help but not actually expecting a response. To our complete relief, our prayers were answered quickly and kindly. Getting a person on Thanksgiving night was shocking enough but when one of the owners of Farrell Backlund interrupted his own Thanksgiving with his family to call us himself five minutes later was wonderful and amazing. He was kind, understanding, and comforting. Equally important, he had answers. He gave us phone numbers of restoration companies and gave us the “go-ahead” to begin the clean up.

By Friday night, our children were in their own beds which meant the world to us. By first thing Monday morning, we had already had two full days of clean up and had a wonderful four member restoration crew on site from ARS, when we received another call from Farrell Backlund checking in on the progress and letting us know that an adjuster had been contacted. By Tuesday, we met with the adjuster and by Wednesday, our ceilings were being repainted and dry cleaners were on site. It is still amazing to me with all the soot in our house, that with the exception of our dining room table and our replacement blinds, most of our home was fully cleaned, painted and restored ready for Christmas decorations within one week! On Thanksgiving night, we would have never thought that would be possible!

Thank you for all you did to make a stressful time so much easier to handle. The kind words of support, comfort, and guidance were beyond what we would have expected. Thank you also for the follow-up “check-in” calls and emails to see how the progress with everything was going. It was all appreciated more than you know.

God bless you all for everything you did.

The Bizier Family