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Residential and Commercial Water and Flood Damage Repair

Water and Flood Damage Repair, Clean Up, and Restoration

At ARS, we have specialists ready to respond to both commercial and residential water damage losses in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New Hampshire. Our staff is trained to clean and preserve your building or home, and secure and restore your belongings. Have minor water damage from a leaking pipe, backed up sewer or broken sprinkler line? Or major damage like a flooded basement? We will take care of that too, and make sure that mold will not grow as a result.

What you can expect when a flood or other water damage strikes:

Within minutes of your call, ARS is dispatched to begin the water damage clean up, repair, and restoration emergency in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, or Connecticut. Once on the scene, we use state-of-the-art water extraction equipment to remove the excess water. Immediately after the water level has subsided, dehumidification, as well as the use of special cleaning agents, begins. This process is critical to preventing the growth of mold. While your structure is drying out, the staff at ARS is hard at work ensuring that your belongings are receiving the same treatment at our drying and cleaning facility. We can even handle delicate items like oriental rugs. ARS Restoration Specialists provides you complete peace of mind during the entire water damage restoration process.

If your home or business needs expert water damage restoration or flooding repair services MA, NH, RI or CT, we’re a company that can provide the help you need dry out, clean up and restore your home from water damage caused by leaks, floods or fires.

Recently, I discovered a leaky pipe in my basement. My plumber, R&R Battista Services, suggested I call ARS Restoration Specialists to remove the moisture and debris. Dan, my account executive at ARS Restoration Specialists, was helpful, polite, and sent help immediately. The ARS Restoration Specialists crew operated quietly, efficiently, and did a spectacular job.

K. A.

Happy New Year Rick and Jay.  Just want to forward a note of thanks on this particular water damage incident for two reasons….1) the Provost himself is a very senior level administrator and his office operation is highly critical, and 2) yesterday was our 2nd anniversary of our house disaster, and I found this email an ironic reminder of how time flies and makes you forget tough incidents!!!!!   Hope you are well and business is good in the restoration business.  We here at NU were pretty happy that Xmas break was nice, warm weather and that this incident happened while we were all back on campus! They were very complimentary regarding your team’s efforts.

Nancy May

Vice President of Facilities, Northeastern University