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“WOW”ing our customers is a priority for the ARS team; we value their input on our performance as it helps us to continually grow and develop.

If you’re still not convinced, then just listen to what some of our emergency restoration clients have been saying:

ARS Restoration has been a trusted resource to our managed-communities for approximately five years. During that time we have called upon Rich Piltch and his crew of professionals on numerous occasions to address damage to buildings after catastrophic events such as fire, flood or severe weather. In each case the ARS teams have responded promptly with professionalism and efficiency, bringing life back to our communities, with minimal inconvenience to our residents and at a reasonable cost. We value our relationship with ARS and are confident in their ability to handle even the most complex restoration projects, under a variety of circumstances.


Melissa Fish-Crane

Principal/COO, Peabody Properties

Our office has been using ARS Restoration Specialists for several years. They provide excellent service from the fast response to customer satisfaction. We highly recommend ARS Restoration Specialists for remediation and restoration.

Trudeau Adjustment Service, Inc.

I was extremely impressed with the time ARS Restoration Specialists said they would arrive. I was impressed with the amount of equipment and the installation team that ARS Restoration Specialists sent out. I was impressed with their professionalism and effort to complete the job. Even with the area and the amount of work that had to be done, I was in awe at the rate in which the job was completed. I would call ARS Restoration Specialists back in a heartbeat with any future jobs.

John D

Wellesley College

I was very happy with my experience at ARS Restoration Specialists. The service was timely, the work was excellent, and the ARS Restoration Specialists personnel were a pleasure to deal with. I am an employee of Amica Insurance and have been in the insurance industry for many years. We have extremely high standards for this type of work, and ARS Restoration Specialists exceeded my expectations.

Ken S.

Cumberland, RI (Homeowner and Amica Insurance Employee)

I was definitely impressed with the manner in which you approached the problem. You surveyed the areas, collected information, talked with maintenance personnel, prioritized issues and then determined the best approach for removing all of the water.

William E. Holbrook

Regional Facilities Manager, Environmental Protection Agency

I just wanted to say that the two guys that came to our house this week to fix our basement were incredible…not only did they do an impeccable job…but they were so professional, so nice and went way above and beyond by sweeping our garage floor and moving our furniture back in the exact spot it was supposed to be in (how they knew where it went has me puzzled). It is not often that folks take pride in what they do…and it is so refreshing when they do. I just wanted you and your company to know that you have 2 incredible workers. Thanks so much I had a great experience with your company.

J. Goldweber

Thank you for the e-mail update. Please be take note that per our discussions with the Property Manager, she was extremely happy with the work that you guys have performed. This includes the quick emergency response to the professionalism of your employees. In this industry, it is always nice to get a complement like that, so I thought I would pass it along.

Brian C. Andersen

Adjuster, LaMarche Associates, INC

When I first met Richard Piltch owner of ARS Restoration, he was a hard-working contractor who had a painting company. Span 25 years forward, and Richard Piltch has built one of the top cleaning and restoration companies in the northeast.

As an agent, I know plenty of cleaning companies. They are at my door all the time. I recommend ARS because when my customer has an event such as a fire, or water damage or mold issue, they ask me for advice and they trust my advice. I don’t steer them wrong on coverage and I don’t want to fall down when it comes to support services.

I am confident when I send out ARS and anyone of their dedicated 125 employees that the job will be done right, and it will reflect well on my agency.ARS is big enough with 6 offices throughout New England to handle any claim I can throw at them, but I get that same small company feel when I call. Richard is the same guy I met 25 years ago. What I like most about Richard and ARS is their low-key approach to business. There are plenty of options out there and I use a few, but, it sure feels good to not be pressured and beaten over the head like some of the other companies out there.

I call in ARS, the job is done, the customer is HAPPY and that makes me happy.

Glen Montgomery

Brownstone Insurance Agency