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ARS goes to extraordinary lengths to satisfy our customers. In fact, satisfying you isn't good enough for us — we want to 'WOW' you.
This means serving you with uncommon efficiency and knowledge. We apply this standard to every detail of our work, no matter how small. But here are a few ways we try to stand out from the crowd:
– We get to know you. Relationships are built on trust and understanding, so we want to know our customers beyond the business.
– We get ahead of the game. When we know you well, we can better anticipate your needs and resolve issues before they become problems.
– We sweat the small stuff. Small frustrations quickly grow, so we plan at the micro level, and do all we can to get things right the first time.
– We keep our eyes open. We closely manage service delivery to correct course as needed. If there's a complaint, we act immediately.
– We look at ourselves. If service doesn't meet expectations, we figure out what we can do differently next time.
– We talk to you. Our customers know every detail of how the project is progressing.
– We keep our word. We do what we say we're going to do, when we say we'll do it.
'WOW' customer service isn't a business strategy or a slogan. For us, it means doing the right thing, all day, every day. It's the ARS difference, and our 25 years of success is built on it.